Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Pain" and "My Attribute" Capone-N-Noreaga

The War Report 2 dropped last Tuesday, "My Attribute" and "Pain" (produced by The Alchemist) are two of my favorite tracks on the album, but you have to make sure you check that "Favor For A Favor." In N.O.R.E's interview with MTV, he said “My favorite joint is 'Pain' and ‘Brother From Another,'” 'Pain' is just like, you know when you get on the Scream Machine [at Six Flags Great Adventure], and there’s a certain feel you get in your stomach, ’cause you know, for guys, our balls come up. Your balls twitter. When I hear ‘Pain,’ that’s that feeling I get over there. It’s a certain feeling like, ‘Holy shit It’s about to drop.’ ” The album has features from Nas, the LOX, Raekwon, Faith Evans, and Busta.  

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