Monday, July 26, 2010

Faimkills and Captian - Dystopia Cornucopia (Free Mixtape Download)

We really haven't heard much from Faimkills since October when he dropped a beast of a record titled "A Thought Ghetto-Messtape, but now we know why he's been working on his new EP titled "Dystopia Cornucopia." This follow up does not disapoint with incredible production from Captain and of course the lyrics are always on point. Dystopia Cornucopia has features from Curtis King, Yasin, Art Barz, and Noa James all part of the Black Cloud family which is a problem in the I.E. hip-hop scene. With only nine tracks which pack a major punch Dystopia Cornucopia leaves you wanting more from Faimkills. From what I am hearing Faimkills next album will be a tribute to The Smiths, being a Smiths fan I cant wait to hear what Faimkills has in store. But for now download Dystopia Cornupia and enjoy an original hip-hop sound.

Download - Faimkills & Captain – Dystopia Cornucopia EP

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