Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Turntable 2sday: The Midi-Fighter Mix by Ean Golden

This addition to Turntable 2sday comes way of DJtechtools.com and a little something called "controllerism." I'm not the biggest fan of only using controllers to rock the party; I'd prefer a combination of controllerism, turntablism, and mixing, but I'm not here hate. For those of you saying "what the f*ck is controllerism," it's the art of producing and manipulating music live using computer controllers and software. I've never seen it live in action, but never the less, there are some folks out there who can rock it and Ean Golden is one of them. Check out his 10 minute mini mix, which includes a little bit of everything and if you want to learn more about controllerism, check DJtechtools. The site is filled with tips for DJs, reviews of gear, and all things related to digital DJing.

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