Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turntable 2sday: Novation Dicer - Serato cue point and looping controller

Yea I know it's Wednesday, but I was itching really bad to post something yesterday for Turntable 2sday here on The Freshest NoveL and I got distracted. Then I seen that serato officially is behind the new Dicer by Novation so I figured why not. Anyway, the Dicer acts as a hot cuer, beat cutter, and fx controller. You can also set hot cues and select tracks. It's specifically made for Serato Scratch Live, but works with Traktor too, and made to fit pretty much anywhere with the addition of "DJ putty." The putty allows the controller to stick to your CDJs or laptop and if your a vinyl head with Technics, there's a special adapter. In a time where it seems midi manipulation is the next step in DJ evolution, the Dicer provides a compact, simple way to jump on the band wagon.

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