Friday, June 11, 2010

Kil Ripkin "Not You"

Never heard of this cat, but I found this track in my gmail. Here's a little excerpt from Ripkin's bio: "Hip Hop is a culture that was created by and for the people, and when it comes to exhibiting that love and passion for the art, nobody displays it like Kil Ripkin the Genereal, AKA The Ghetto Correspondent. Growing up in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn N.Y., Kil set out on his journey to be the next big thing in Hip Hop. Kil began as a solo artist quietly establishing his name as some one to be wreckon with, earning the respect of his peers alike. Kil began producing his own music working under the tutelage of his big Bro., songwriter, producer and engineer Don Newkirk (Smoking Heads)..." If you like what you hear make sure you check back here @ The Freshest NoveL, you can also follow Ripkin on twitter.

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